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Research Assistant Recruitment, Institute of BioPharmaceutical Sciences, National Sun Yat-sen University

[Lab name]
Betty Lingshan Yu’s Lab

[Job Position]
Research Assistant

Applicants with experience related to molecular biology (QPCR, whole-genome sequencing..etc), bioengineering, electrical engineering or other related background are all encouraged to apply.

Applicants should have a MS degree with research experience.

NT$ 36050~43570 per month related to applicant’s experience and performance

[Contact ]
Dr. Betty Lingshan Yu

07 5252000 #5829


1. Please send your CV (resume), thesis, publications (if have) and the names and email addresses of 1-2 references.
2. Application material should be sent by email to Betty Lingshan Yu lingshan0120@gmail.com.
3. Application materials could be in English/Chinese.
4. Applicants of interest will be contacted for further information and interview.

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